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Abraham's Children - Lovers & Neighbours in the Middle East

Abraham's Children DVD (2-disc set):
€ 29.00 (incl. P&P) [approx. NOK 235,-]

Abraham's Children is a four episode documentary series. It is an amusing and entertaining road movie about the wit, humour and history of people from the cultural meltingpot of the Middle East.

Read more about the series and view trailer HERE.

Length: Four 29-minute episodes
Subtitles: English or Norwegian
Format: DVD-R PAL 16:9.

English Version: English narration and subtitles.
Norsk versjon: Norsk forteller og tekster.

This DVD is currently only available on PAL. PAL is the standard in most of the world, but in North America, Japan and NTSC standard areas a PAL DVD will only play on a region free DVD player and multi-system TV.